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This is a tool that allows the user to create templates for C# scripts. the templates are stored in the user Documents folder and can be modified to the users needs.

This tool allows the user to have big amounts of templates to choose from which he/she can make them self.

You can also make a template from a script with 1 button.

This tool is still being worked on because I'm not fully satisfied with how to UI looks and how the tool functions. small changes might be made in the future but the tool is pretty much finished.

If you are using this tool in a project with git make sure that the tool is ignored by the git ignore file. If the tool gets pushed to git this can create some problems.

if you are getting errors in de console that the tool can't find the settings then delete the settings.txt file in the Assets/EasyScripts/Templates folder in your Project path.
Closing and Opening the Easy Scripts window again will recreate this settings file and the errors should be fixed.

Tutorial: https://rinkwilbrink.itch.io/unity-easy-scripts/devlog/87050/how-to-use-this-tool.

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Install instructions

The download is a unity package, go to 'Assets' tab and select 'Import Package'/Custom Package.

Select the Unity package and click on 'Ok'. When you see the import window, 

Press 'All' in the bottom left corner and press 'Import' on bottom right corner.

When the Unity is done importing the package go to the Window tab above and Select 'Easy Scripts Window' This will open the window you can now use the Easy Scripts tool.


EasyScripts_ScriptTemplateToolV3.7.unitypackage 5 kB

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